Venetian Blinds

Liven up your windows with Venetian blinds. A timeless classic!

Venetian blinds are available in luxury wood or contemporary aluminium slats. There is a huge range of slat styles available in a range of exotic colours, subtle shades and dynamic effects.

Venetian blinds allow lots of flexibility over how they’re positioned, so they’re great blinds for privacy control, whilst still allowing lots of light and air to circulate.

When they’re not in use, Venetian blinds can be pulled up out of sight for uninterrupted views of summer gardens in full bloom.

Our venetian blinds are available in a range of colours as well as finishes such as wood and aluminium to give your room a modern and stylish edge.

The durability of venetian blinds make them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, where other types of blind suffer damage from high humidity levels, but they are also popular features in bedrooms and living areas.

For the ultimate in style, choose Perfect Fit® Venetian blinds. This is a unique fitting system that requires no drilling or screwing during installation and so does not void the guarantee on your window frames. Stylish and contemporary in appearance, choose Perfect Fit® to compliment your blinds for that extra finishing touch.

New Energy Saving Blinds

We’ve introduced a brand-new type of energy saving blind to our range that has extra insulating credentials.

The slats of these blinds are treated with an innovative coating called Thermostop, which makes them three times more effective at blocking heat compared to a standard slat.

Blinds coated with Thermostop allow homeowners to control the climate of their homes for ambient temperatures all year round. In winter, tilt the slats so that the Thermostop coating faces inwards to minimise heat loss; reverse the slats in summer and heat coming into the room is reduced.

Ask us about Thermostop when ordering.